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    Electric Circuits

    Electric Circuits



    1. Charge and current

    2. Voltage

    3. Resistance

    4. Potential Dividers

    5. EMF and Internal Resistance

    6. Resistivity and Superconductivity


    Electricity Basics

    Ohms Law and I-V graphs

    Kirchoffs Laws and Potential Dividers


    Resistivity and Superconductivity

    EMF and Internal Resistance


    Exam Style Questions – Electric Circuits


    Complete Electric Circuits tutorial for AQA with checklist, presentations, notes and exam style questions. You can find your own way of using the materials. A suggestion would be to work through the checklist and self-assess your level of confidence in the topic, identifying areas for further study. Then go to the presentations and read through these. The presentations have clear explanations, lots of practice questions and worked examples. You can then try the exam style questions for the this topic, which you can self-mark using the mark scheme provided. Following that, you might want to attempt some A level Physics past papers