Electric circuits video course

Electric circuits video course for A level Physics, suitable for all exam boards. These are my pre-recorded lessons that I use with my A-level class and they find them helpful. I hope that you can also benefit from my vast experience with teaching A level Physics!

Lesson 1: Current and Potential Difference


Lesson 2: IV graphs


Lesson 3: Potential Dividers


Lesson 4: Resistivity


Lesson 5:  Internal Resistance & EMF


Lesson 6: Power and work in circuits


Lesson 7: I=nAqv explained

Electric Circuits exam questions run through:

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The full course has 8 videos, with 7 lessons covering the topics and the exam question run through video. Ideas are introduced with clear explanations. There are practice questions for you to try, where you are asked to pause the video, I then go through the solutions with you, so that you can build your confidence in answering questions and build your exam technique.

You will be able to comment and ask questions about the topics in each video.

The full Electric Circuits video course is currently available free of charge, only on the Physics Tutor Online website!

It is recommended that students purchase the workbook and try the questions for each topic under timed conditions before looking at the run through video. If you can buy this, it helps support the PTO website so that more free resources can be produced – your support will be very much appreciated!

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