About me

My name is Tim Clark. I am a fully qualified physics teacher/tutor, with 24 years of teaching experience in leading state schools. I have an excellent track record of helping students to reach their potential in A level Physics and GCSE Physics.

The benefits I see in my students of one-to-one tuition are increased confidence and motivation, improved understanding of key ideas, improved capability in answering exam questions, and very often, improved grade outcomes.

I teach all my lessons online via zoom, meaning I can help you wherever you are based in the world (time zones permitting). This gives the student much greater access to the best tutors and greater convenience. Online lessons are as interactive and stimulating as face-to-face, the progress students can make is just as good.

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My fee for one-to-one online private tuition is £85/hour.

My masters graduation, University of Cambridge

About Physics Tutor Online

This Physics Tutor Online website provides resources (many are free) to support physics students and teachers. I started the website for my A-Level students at my school in Sheffield. I wanted to provide them with easily accessible resources where they could locate the information and support they needed quickly. The site is expanding to provide revision resources for students taking IB Physics and GCSE Physics examinations.

As a practicing and experienced Physics teacher, the resources are matched to the specifications and are designed from my experience to help students when working independently. Whether you are a student or a teacher, I hope you find them helpful. If you are using the resources and have any feedback or ideas for collaboration then do contact me

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I wish you every success on your physics courses!

Tim Clark

Director – Physics Tutor Online Ltd.

BSc Physics (York) MEd (Cantab) PGCE QTS MInstP

Teacher of Physics since 1996; Head of Science/Physics – 2002-2013; IOP School Physics Coach 2017-2022

Full-time physics tutor – 2021-present