Resources for A-level & GCSE Physics

Welcome to the Physics Tutor Online website. If you are a physics student, you will find complete online physics tutorials written by experienced specialist physics teachers. The FREE resources include notes, presentations and exam style questions and are designed to be used independently for self-study. Teachers are also welcome to use the resources with their classes as they wish.

A-level Physics

A-level Physics AQA     A-level Physics EDEXCEL

A-level Physics OCR B     A-level Physics OCR A

A-level Physics formula and data sheets     A-level Physics notes   A-level Physics past papers

GCSE Physics

GCSE Physics AQA     GCSE Physics past papers     GCSE Physics equations

The aims of Physics Tutor Online

The resources on this site are designed for students to use throughout their courses and when preparing for exams. As an experienced teacher, I know that students preparing for GCSE/A-level physics exams have alot of information to get to grips with.
The resources on this site will hopefully prove helpful in reducing some of the stress and also help you to enjoy the subject more and be successful!

The aim is to write resources for A-level and GCSE specifications. Please do keep checking back as more material will be added throughout 2018-19.

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