A level Physics courses

Improve your understanding of key concepts and exam question capability with this in depth self-study course. This course is ideal for revision and for home study, and will help prepare students to secure the higher grades in A level physics.

The Mechanics for A level phyics self-study course is written and compiled by a leading physics tutor in the UK, Tim Clark. The complete mechanics unit is covered in depth with a focus on application of key concepts in questions.

The course is delivered as a single PDF (with clickable links) for convenience and has four lessons. Each lesson requires 1-2 hours of study. You can return to any of the materials at any time, there is no time limit.

The course is structured in 4 lessons as follows:

Lesson 1 – Vectors, Equilibrium and Moments

Lesson 2 – Motion graphs, Equations of motion and Projectiles

Lesson 3 – Newton’s Laws of motion and Momentum

Lesson 4 – Work, Energy and Power

Each lesson consists of the following:

  • Slides, videos and notes with key information including worked examples and model answers with clear explanations.
  • A student workbook with many short exercises and exam questions to build confidence.
  • An exam question practice booklet to develop exam question capability.

The focus is on improving your undertstanding of key concepts and your exam question capability in the mechanics topic.

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