OCR B A-level Physics past papers


2018 Papers

Fundamentals of Physics 2018 Questions

Fundamentals of Physics 2018 Mark Scheme

Fundamentals of Physics Examiners’ Report

Scientific Literacy in Physics 2018 Questions

Scientific Literacy in Physics Insert

Scientific Literacy in Physics 2018 Mark Scheme

Scientific Literacy in Physics Examiners’ Report

Practical Skills in Physics 2018 Questions

Practical Skills in Physics 2018 Mark Scheme

Practical Skills in Physics Examiners’ Report

2017 Papers

2017 Examiners’ Report

Fundamentals of Physics 2017 Questions

Fundamentals of Physics 2017 Mark Scheme

Scientific Literacy in Physics 2017 Questions

Scientific Literacy in Physics Insert

Scientific Literacy in Physics 2017 Mark Scheme

Practical Skills in Physics 2017 Questions

Practical Skills in Physics 2017 Mark Scheme

​Specimen Papers

Fundamentals of Physics Specimen

Scientific Literacy in Physics Specimen

Practical Skills in Physics Specimen

AS Level

2018 Papers

Foundations of Physics 2018 Questions

Foundations of Physics 2018 Mark Scheme

Foundations of Physics Examiners’ Report

Physics in Depth 2018 Question Paper

Physics in Depth 2018 Mark Scheme

Physics in Depth Examiners’ Report

2017 Papers

Foundations of Physics 2017 Questions

Foundations of Physics 2017 Mark Scheme

Physics in Depth 2017 Question Paper

Physics in Depth 2017 Mark Scheme

2017 Examiners’ Report

2016 Papers

Foundations of Physics 2016 Questions

Foundations of Physics 2016 Mark Scheme

Physics in Depth 2016 Question Paper

Physics in Depth 2016 Mark Scheme

​Specimen Papers

Foundations of Physics (AS) Specimen 

Physics in Depth (AS) Specimen