A level Physics (AQA) exam preparation sessions

Join my exam preparation sessions covering paper 2 and paper 3. You will be guided on how to score high marks on these papers. You will complete and get detailed verbal feedback on a range of exam questions including longer response and mutli-part questions, highlighting precisely what was needed to score full marks on each question. Each session will be supported with a student workbook, so that you can complete a full set of exam questions during the session.

The sessions are as follows:

4th June – AQA Paper 2 preparation (7.00PM – 8.30 PM)

11th June – AQA Paper 3 preparation (7.00PM – 8.30 PM)

Book both sessions – 4/6, 11/6 (£70)

Book only the session on 4/6 (£35)

Book only the session on 11/6 (£35)

There the option to book individual sessions separately, to allow for as much flexibility as possible, it would of course be great if your son/daughter is able to attend both sessions. 

The sessions will be supported with a student workbook, notes and recommended further work, together with the slides from the session showing my full working for each question we cover.

Good luck to your son/daughter for their remaining exams.

Kind regards,


Tim Clark

Physics tutor